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2D artist looking for paid freelance work

PointyEarsPointyEars Posts: 6Member
My name is Maria and I´m an illustrator studying informative illustration in Sweden.
I can work both traditional and digital, in programs like photoshop and illustrator.
Here´s my portfolio where you can se some of my work.

Even though my portfolio mainly show traditional work, I´m versatile and up for a challenge!
Feel free to contact me on: [email protected]


  • heathccheathcc Posts: 113Member
    Hi, the illustration samples are nice. Do you have any examples of digital art that isn't replicating traditional? You are incredibly talented and real illustrators are hard to find but I'd like to see what other styles you have and perhaps some others too. Thanks!
  • micksolomicksolo Posts: 264Member
    hi maria, your illustrations are quite nice, seems they would suit more of an interactive story book or point and click adventure game. If you want to do more interactive games you'll need to show some samples of character animations.

    Good luck!
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