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Will GS go to Windows Phone?

kinzuakinzua Posts: 554Member
As the title.. i just want to throw an open discussion for everybody to share their thoughts on porting games to Windows phones. Now that Samsung is joining the bandwagon, Windows seems likely to be a good marketplace.

Any thoughts on the same GS guys?

P.S. M not much of a windows fan.. neither samsung for that cause.. but a strong market will be undeniable.


  • greenrhynogreenrhyno Posts: 152Member, PRO
    I am curious about this too. Will GameSalad support windows phone in the near future?
  • dmilinovichiiidmilinovichiii Posts: 620Member
    I still don't think Android support should have been added before they came out of beta. GameSalad development is sloooowwww and the more things that are added, the slower it will get. I think that for now, GameSalad needs to focus on becoming Lau free so that things such as joints and polygonal collision, that should have been there in the first place, get added as soon as possible.
  • ultimaultima Posts: 1,207Member, PRO
    windows phone would be nice.. but.. perhaps yes after lua free engine appears and all of the iOS and OSX bugs nooks and crannies gets smooth out first.
  • mrpacogpmrpacogp Posts: 400Member
    Windows phone could be a great market but not for a long time
  • greenrhynogreenrhyno Posts: 152Member, PRO
    I think with windows 8 coming out (which includes a mobile os and devices that will run as mobile/tablets as well as computers) along with the lumia 920 launching soon, the windows phone app market will get a pickup sooner than later. It won't be huge like android or iphone, but also there are much less apps available in that market. It would be nice to get into the market BEFORE it is flooded with apps, not after.
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