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looking for an artist who can draw beards and yes im talking facial hair

TailGamesTailGames Posts: 76Member
well im making a game called "fly beard fly" and as you guess theres a beard you control and dodge shaving cream and razors but the beard is trying to get home so its up to the player to get him there. (i know its weird) anyway i will kindly pay deppending on the job and also leave your websites so i can do a background check to :D


  • TailGamesTailGames Posts: 76Member
    @Riffel well i love the art and i was checking your games there pretty impressive, you think you can design beards? And more importantly for a game that looks like this? click the video down below.

  • Barking_AppsBarking_Apps Posts: 182Member
    please check out my site also...

    graphics that i have done arent on their at the moment but you can see my logos and more!

    please contact me (signature)

  • RPRP Posts: 1,990Member
    Flying beards....kewl...I'd almost jump on it just because of all the wacky designs you could do with beards. Handlebars, Vandyke, Goatee, Fu-machu, all with little flapping mustaches for wings. lol.

    Seeing your demo, I'd say Riffel's cartoony styles would fit in just fine.
  • goliathgoliath Posts: 1,427Member
    @TailGames I could help you out if you're still looking for an artist... Here is my website:

    Also- check out my template (found in my signature) if you want tilt controls for this game... Seems like it would be a perfect fit. Thanks.

    Check out my video game website:

    Check out my mobile game and art website. If you need artwork for your games, hit me up:

  • RiffelRiffel Posts: 1,272Member
    @TailGames Sure I can do your art. contact me [email protected]
  • TailGamesTailGames Posts: 76Member
    hey guys im sorry but i did find an artist or its more like the other way around, anyway don't lose faith because i loved just about everything you guys made, i swa your websites and i especially liked the "patriots and pinheads" from @goliath .

    but im looking at spending $10 on a new logo redesign if you guys want to jump on that your more than able to contact me :D
  • GeniusbearGeniusbear Posts: 107Member
    edited September 2012
    Hello Tail,

    This is one of my lumberjackers from my old project,
    Maybe I can help you add me on Skype: maarten.winkels

    Gr. Geniusbear
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