sound effects not playing suddenly

3xL3xL Member Posts: 676
so all my sounds work just fine. i imported a new sound effect in 3 different formats and none work. i hit the little play button on the creator and nothing plays. i put it in the actor, it doesnt play. anyone having this issue? i've tried with acc, wav AND mp3.

i know GS converts them but still its not working....


  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990
    I had that happen once a few builds ago.
    On your GS game file, do the right click and get the package contents data and check the sounds folder to see what those converted sound files came out as. Check to make sure they play there, if not, check out the sound file size to see if it even actually converted.
  • 3xL3xL Member Posts: 676
    and if its not converted? most of them are ogg files
  • 3xL3xL Member Posts: 676
    still no solution... anyone one else has any tips?
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    You'll need something that can read .ogg files. Firefox can play them in browser, and VLC player is a freebie multimedia player that should work. Next question. How big are the files? Ogg files are typically close to about a 10 KB a second.
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