Arcade template limited to 20 mb of graphics and sound?

famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834
I am making my first game.

I am using some high end graphics for the arcade game. Adding just first stage the size is up to 14mb. If I add another 2 levels, the size crosses the 20 mb limit, after which GS gives me an error sign, saying that total size above 20mb can cause performance issue with arcade style game.

Now does that error matters or I should ignore it?

My game has 3D rendered pngs and animations, so the total graphic might go to 50 mb.

any one can help?


  • carlblanchetcarlblanchet Member Posts: 755
    The 20MB limit is for uploading games to the GS Arcade only. You obviously want to upload your game to the app store, therefor it is not really something to worry about, especially since you can upload pretty massive sized games to the app store.
    If you absolutely want to have your game on the gs arcade, I recommend you making a light version of the game and uploading it there.
  • famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834
    I will be making both lite free and paid version. The paid version will have many new maps and images. So its size will go big, in that case no idea if I can submit that to GS Arcade. I am anyhow making only for ipad now, no html for now.
    Thanks @carlblanchet
  • carlblanchetcarlblanchet Member Posts: 755
    @wickedsunny No problem!
  • famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834
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