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Hi all,

Firstly I have to say this is one of the best apps I have ever used. Well done GameSalad team. I came across this tool only a few days ago and was very impressed. I have since created a modified version of the Shoot 'em up game. I am very interested in teaching game programming to teenagers using this tool in Nigeria (by the way I am Nigerian) because I believe that it may just jumpstart a whole new gaming culture and movement. It may just give people here the opportunity to fulfil their ambition of creating something special.

Ok. So I just created this game called ASTEROiDS using the template but modified ever so extensively. I introduced a scoring system, green ball for powerups and made the boss very very powerful. I also changed the actors and introduced new elements (new fireballs and sound) and created a storyline for it. I also plan to go further with this and develop it into a full game with multiple levels as I continue to learn more. Please play it and let me have your feedback :)

Once again I say thank you to the GameSalad team.

ASTEROiDS can be played here:

Game Play

Mission: Destroy all the enemies and defeat the Mothership
Score: Achieve a score of 500 in the process to move to the next level
Movement: Up, Down, Left and Right Arrow keys
Fire: Space Bar

Tip1: Pick up the "Green" space ball for power ups and +ve points
Tip2: No enemy must escape. They must all be destroyed
Note: The scoring system is somewhat complicated (there are point deductions for every enemy not destroyed)

Good Luck!


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    Well, this is how I started off with GS - I built upon the Asteroids template that it had when GS first started, just to learn the program itself and how movement was done, what rules did what.

    It's a great way to start so you're on the right track there in my opinion!

    I gave the game a quick go, and my main thought was about the scoring system. It was going down very quickly into negative figures!

    I can understand what you were trying to do, and scoring systems help to differentiate similar games and make them seem fresh, but I don't think it really works very well here.

    1. The score goes down much faster than I could get it to increase. Consider making it go down a little slower perhaps.
    2. It was a bit depressing seeing negative figures for my score. A way to get the same kind of mechanic working in a more positive way is to start your score off at 10000 for example. The score would then go down and not seem negative.
    3. Tied in with this, you can play with how you measure success in the game. Perhaps have each level be a certain length - say 3 minutes - and the score you have at the end of that 3 minutes is your level score. Or you could see how long you can keep the score from reaching 0, thus making how long you stayed above 0 be the measure of success.

    Hope that helps, and good luck with your GS future!

    QS :D

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    Thanks for the useful feedback. I will see how i can implement your suggestions. I'm still learning the ropes :)
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