 POSTER DASH - GAMEPLAY TRAILER  - soon at the app store.

AroneStudiosAroneStudios Member, PRO Posts: 89
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Guys, Here`s a little look on a game I was Working on for about 6 months now..

I submitted the game to apple last week so... it will be released soon!

Hope you Like it! ;)

Thank you!

---Abraço aos desenvolvedores brasileiros!


  • xforcexforce Member Posts: 187
    cool art style
  • AroneStudiosAroneStudios Member, PRO Posts: 89
    Looks great,
    Just a note, be careful about the name.
    Some other members got take down notices for using the word dash in there game.
    Not sure what came of it though.


    I'm happy you liked it,
    and i may also say, Thank you for your tutorials... you really helped me a lot during the development of the game!.. tshirtbooth, you're awesome!

    about the name... humm.. didnt knew that... I used it because My character have the ability to literally "dash".. and he/she runs throught posters.... the name just seemed to fit in the game..

    and why is that?.. because of epig dash?

    thanks for the warning!
  • AroneStudiosAroneStudios Member, PRO Posts: 89
    Ok then... I'll cross my fingers then..hehe

    Thanks again!
  • ultimaultima Member, PRO Posts: 1,207
    looks great.
  • villewantedvillewanted Member, PRO Posts: 66
    I think dash is a generic term, you can´t complain if somebody uses it apart from you, II also use The dash word in my game "Red Ball dash" and Monter Dash a Halfbrick studios gaem also uses the word
  • RiffelRiffel Member Posts: 1,272
    I can't use the word "Ninja" in my game because Fruit Ninja...
  • carlblanchetcarlblanchet Member Posts: 755
    Game looks great! Congrats!
  • goliathgoliath Member Posts: 1,435
    Looks very nice man! Good luck with sales.
  • AroneStudiosAroneStudios Member, PRO Posts: 89
    Thanks for the support guys!.. I'll release another trailer when the game comes out! ;).. and some codes for the GS community! ;)
  • ironDanironDan Member Posts: 148
    @AroneStudios I wouldn't worry about the name....If Apple rejects you for the word "Dash" in your game because another game uses it then get a GOOD LAYWER and make some cash off the settlement when it's in your favor because NOBODY can own the right to the word DASH. Now....If you called your game Pacman....well, maybe I'd think of changing it to something like Macman....wait, then wouldn't Steve Jobs rise from the grave and sue you??? LOL Anyway, BEST of luck with 6 mos of blood sweat and tears...you deserve it!!
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