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My first and most successful game Hungry Jumpers is back on the App store. Here are some reviews from the game.

"My kids love this. They say its fun and challenging and really good. They haven't let me have a go yet though!

"i love it"

"Cool, fun and addictive game"

You watch the trailer for the game below. I would really appreciate it if you could spare 69p to download my game. :) :) :)


  • ironDanironDan Member Posts: 148
    Why did you take it down the first time?
    And why not re-release a new version with updated graphics and new game modes and profit from Hungry Jumpers 1 and Hungry Jumpers 2?
    Aside from all that, the game does look smoothe and fun, best of luck on it's re-release

  • It was taken down because my 1 year membership had ran out. I decided to focus on a new game, and when that was nearly finished, i would put these other games back on. :) Thanks.

  • carlblanchetcarlblanchet Member Posts: 755
    Congrats on the re-release! :D

    A lot of levels start on their own in the lite version, I don't know if this is a trick to try and make the players get the full version, or a bug; but I'm just letting you know. :)
  • Thanks. :) :)
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