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A few question about updating application

williamt2706williamt2706 Posts: 85Member, PRO
Hellow everyone, i have a few question for updating my application to version 1.1 from 1.0

1. Am i need a new provisioning profile or i could use the older one?
2. Is it need to be review by apple again or i can upload it straight to replace the old version in apple store?
3. Can i change the application icon? because i want to change it to a better one

thx before :)


  • - No need for a new profile, you can use the old one.
    - Yes, it is reviewed again by apple - can take around 5-10 days.
    - Yes, you can change the icon of your game to a better one.

  • williamt2706williamt2706 Posts: 85Member, PRO
    thx for the reply, and one more last question

    Since apple release ios6 a few days ago, can current game made with gamesalad 0.10.0 run on ios6? I wonder if now is a right time to update my application, because i worry it will be reject because of compability issue with ios6. Any suggestion?

    thx before :)
  • williamt2706williamt2706 Posts: 85Member, PRO

    thx for the advice, i'll give it a shot
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