New iPad Guitar App Just Released! Guitar Masterz --PROMO CODES

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Hi all

Im announcing my newest application Guitar Masterz, Available now. If you play guitar and like music, this is my gift to you! Here are some Promo codes for you to enjoy!

I really hope you guys like this app, Im hoping for the best, please feel free to leave comments and feedback on the itunes thingy..

Again thank you all GS community


CLICK THIS LINK----!/id560602761?ls=1&mt=8


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    Don't mean to be overly critical, but... the video gives me almost no idea what your app does. You show notes playback, but no other features in over two minutes. If that's a trailer for your app, it's not enticing. Also, if this is an iPad app, why not have all of the notes buttons on a single scene? The iPad has all that real estate, why not use it?

    I know you posted this with promo codes, which is generous, so maybe other people will find the app useful. I'd like to see a better description ("Feature about guitar!" doesn't explain anything) and a better video and then I'd consider buying it if it looks useful.

    I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to tune my son's electric guitar and failing miserably. I've learned a little about reading tabs. I can play a couple of chords but not well. All that to say that I'm probably your perfect target audience for this app... now sell it to me! :)

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    Hi the application has a tuner built in which can help you tune the guitar, ill try to make a better video, i gotta look for some software the app will help you tune the guitar
  • WildThing630WildThing630 Member Posts: 107
    Its an awesome app that can help you learn chords, play notes, tune your guitar, and it can provide basic understanding of guitar
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    Two suggestions for your video:

    1. You can use the built-in Quicktime Player software but drag the recording rectangle around your app view in GS Creator so that you don't record the whole screen.

    2. Write down and then practice what you plan to say before you record. Try to be precise and concise. Aim for about 45 seconds total video time.

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