"At some quiet nights, I, often feel sadness." --Eggied Sadness on the app store!

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Eggied Sadness
E and F Studio presents
Available Today!


Download: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/eggied-sadness/id551025679?mt=8

"At some quiet nights, I, often feel sadness."

Yes, at some quiet nights, Eggied often feels sadness.

This is a story about Eggied, and "Sadness".

Eggied usually feels boring and dull in the daytime. Thus he starts to running, to

looking for the lost past and memory--
--among the memorable words

--in subject notes

--during scribble doodles

--at eggache design(s)


''In my opinion, free running without lamp light in the dark night, is a pleasing thing.''



unique sketch hand drawn style

easy and addictive gameplay: draw and tilt

keep playing to keep story continues

funny and stupid charcters



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