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ARRRRR it's talk like a Pirate day! Bridge the Gap 2 and Down With The Ship go FREE for one day!

ashtmjashtmj Posts: 405Member, PRO
edited September 2012 in Announce Your Game!
Avast ye mateys!

In honor of talk like a Pirate day Bridge the Gap 2 and Down With The Ship will be FREE! Down With The Ship Bridge The Gap 2

Not only that! but if ya'find yer way to the settings screen in Down With The Ship you'll find a icon marked "Password" press it then enter "lazylandlubber" (no caps or spaces, and without the quotes) and you'll get yer'self an extra 1,000 gold on the house!

This password also works in Down With The Ship HD for iPad (Out today!) Down With The Ship for iPad

Enjoy mateys!
-Captain Sneer
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