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★ diibs odyssey ★ The very first game from Boxed Pig

BoxedpigBoxedpig Posts: 24Member
edited September 2012 in Announce Your Game!
It's with great joy that Boxed Pig announces: Our first game is at the App Store.

After a lot of hard work and good fun, Diib's odyssey finally arrives to the Apple store to the amusement of the universes. Our and his. =D

So, go there and help our tiny hero to meet his girlfriend again!



There is three versions :

Full for iPhone

Lite for iPhone

Full and free for Android

So... for more informations about us, check our facebook

Please, send us your impressions about it and have fun!!!



  • carlblanchetcarlblanchet Posts: 755Member
    Wow awesome job on your first game! It looks great!
    ps. I love your boxed pig intro :P
  • 8BitAvrin8BitAvrin Posts: 361Member, PRO
    Congrats, looks great. Neat art style. Good job!

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  • creativeappscreativeapps Posts: 1,770Member
    Looks attractive. Good luck with the sales.
  • Mr HansonMr Hanson Posts: 94Member
    edited September 2012
    Hello @Boxedpig

    Just starting playing the lite version and trust me i will be buying the full one soon. A lot of time and effort has been put into the game. However when i was reading the How to Play bit on the third time i clicked the arrow it came up with a big white box where the writing usually is. Its always there when i restarted.
    I like the gameplay which i personally haven't seen done on GameSalad. Bit like angry birds space.
    Good luck with sales and good job

    All the best

  • BoxedpigBoxedpig Posts: 24Member
    hey jonApp, thanks for the comments but this error just happen on iPhone 4. we dont know how. but we already adjust it!

    thanks for all the comments. You guys motivate us!

    oinc, oinc! =D
  • BoxedpigBoxedpig Posts: 24Member
    I think it may be related to the use of special characters with GameSalad on iPhone4 (not 4S).
    You know, that ALT+ENTER you must do to break a line with Display Text behavior.
    Maybe something that got through with a COPY+PASTE from Word...
  • AdamgoproAdamgopro Posts: 310Member
    This is the best game i have seen made by gamesalad by far excellent music/sound effects smoothness and art fantastic!
  • BoxedpigBoxedpig Posts: 24Member
    wow... thanks Adamgopro! we work hard from here... i hope you guys have fun with it!
  • goliathgoliath Posts: 1,430Member
    Very nice!! I will have to check it out man. Congrats on the first game.

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  • BoxedpigBoxedpig Posts: 24Member
    hey guys... we made a trailer of the game. check it out

  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Posts: 8,977Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick GameSalad Employee
    Thats pretty awesome! Amazing Trailer. Well done!
  • BoxedpigBoxedpig Posts: 24Member
    thanks @Braydon_SFX

    we would love some feedback of the game if you can.

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