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application loader is not working!!!!!!

nickbuakaewnickbuakaew Posts: 77Member
hey guy.
i wanted to upload my new game to apple but when i try to upload the app with application loader, i keep on getting this message.

We’re having trouble connecting to the App Store. Please try again later.
directory services reported the following error: your apple id or password was entered incorrectly.

i compress my file and i could go into my ituneconnect so i dont know what the problem is. it been 3 day like this

thanks for helping


  • nickb5552nickb5552 Posts: 452Member
    Hmm that is strange!

    I would believe that would be something with apple and maybe have to do with the iPhone 5 release and them changing all the app store things.
    Though I'm not completely sure that would be my best guess...

    So to fix it I would maybe just try to republish the game through gamesalad and make sure your certificates and everything is working correctly and if you do it all again and it still says that.

    Then I would wait maybe a week or so and see if it works by then.
    If it still doesn't, then you know it is a bigger problem.
    (But I would bet its something with apple that they will fix)

  • nickbuakaewnickbuakaew Posts: 77Member
    ok i got it. thanks a lot
  • lycettebroslycettebros Posts: 1,598Member, PRO
    uploaded an app minutes ago using uploader - no problems.
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