I am new here and want you guys to review my clouds.

GeniusbearGeniusbear Member Posts: 107
Hello everybody!

My name is Maarten aka Geniusbear,
I've been dreaming about making iOS apps for years and now I find the best place in the world since i cant code!
I am a Dutch Economics Student with a passion for 2d vector art. So I am working on my new project and I've made some clouds.
It would be great if someone can review them.

Offtopic: how to insert images instead of a link?

Gr. Geniusbear


  • carlblanchetcarlblanchet Member Posts: 755
    edited September 2012
    Welcome to the forum!
    Your clouds look great man!

    To post images, host image online (e.g. DropBox, Mediafire, etc) and then use < img src="http://yourhostedimageURL.com"> to display it, replace the URL with your image's actual address.
  • GeniusbearGeniusbear Member Posts: 107
    Thanks Carl,

    Fixed my issue, and thanks for the review,

    Gr. Geniusbear
  • SpriteAttackSpriteAttack Member Posts: 524
    I would 'polish' them a little... You can still see the overlap where the lighter part goes out and over the darker shape... Depending on the software you use there are ways to keep on shape inside the borders of another (eg. Photoshop and Illustrator have clipping masks, CorelDraw calls it PowerClip and in Inkscape it's just Clip)


    (this might be helpful)
  • Mr HansonMr Hanson Member Posts: 94
    Hello @Geniusbear

    Welcome, clouds look alright, a personal opinion would be as SpriteAttack said is to fix them up a bit. I am not going to lie, they are very basic, But because they are basic it gives them that cartoon look, (like angry birds) But i can see these types going into a the right game very good. Well done and i encourage you to make more art!

    All the best
  • GeniusbearGeniusbear Member Posts: 107
    Thanks for the advice guys!
    @SpriteAttack I will watch your tutorial this evening, @John I will also finish my new logo this weekend ;)

    I like them! Very nice.
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