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Hi All,
My name is Noo and I'm a Geographical Information Systems Specialist from Sydney, Australia.
I'm new to app develoment and I've been using GS Creator basic for about a month now.

During that time I've learnt how to create sprites using photoshop and doing tutorials from youtube and some ebooks. I noticed that the layout and look of the GS interface used by the users on youtube are different to the 'basic' copy I use however I managed to figure out what's what on the basic version as I'm assuimg that the youtube users are using the 'Pro' version.

Today, I decided to upgrade to the Pro version and paid my $299 yearly fee. After paying the fee, I was directed to a download site and donwload the software. I uninstalled the GS Basic from my desktop and installed the new software. I ran GS and I noticed it still looks the same as the basic version and also when I clicked on the 'about' tab it says 'Version:0.9.92 beta' and the license is 'Basic'.

Did I download the wrong file or did I not install GS properly? Should the License note say 'Pro'? Any one know what I did wrong?



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