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"Validation Failed No publishing license found"

LeanneLeanne Posts: 168Member
Trying to publish an adhoc version of my iPad App to my own device.
I am using GS on a MacBook running OS X Version 10.8.1
I have a valid Pro license
I have a valid developer's license with Apple.
I have published 4 apps with GameSalad without this problem
I'm not sure where I went wrong....
When publishing an ad hoc version to my iPad, I launch the app, see the loading image, then get a blank screen with this error message:
Validation Failed. No publishing license found. Quit.
I have tried creating a new app ID and new provisioning profile and a new project though it makes no difference.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  • asatoshiasatoshi Posts: 1Member
    Hi Leanne!!

    A similar phenomenon also occurred to me.

    We do not use double-byte characters(ex:Japanese,Chinese,kanji etc...) in "Display Name" is in the "Main setting"?
    In my case I was able to change the alphabet was double-byte characters, the error is resolved, check on adhoc without problems.

    Look definitely give it a try!!
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