Crazy 25hr SALE for Game graphics - Any game graphic only $25

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I don't know if this is allowed or not but I have 3 weeks before my next baby is born so in a last ditch attempt to get some graphics done I am doing a 25hr Spot sale

Any game graphic only $25 if ordered in the next 25hrs...


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    That's right but once we have the character sorted I would be more than happy to discuss animations... let me know what you need and I would be happy to chat about it all. :)
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    5hrs left!
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    I was under the impression this type of ad was not allowed on the forums?
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    I can only say a hug thank you to everyone involved. The GS team for letting the sale go ahead for 24hrs. I have worked with a few GS members and created some really exciting graphics from game logos to clowns.

    @fryingbaconstudios - I apologise if my sale upsets you and if the admin wants to delete it I understand.
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    It doesn't upset me. if this is allowed I would like to advertise my stuff but I was told this isn't allowed. @straightsaladshooter
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    Alright, can we PLEASE get clarity and conformity on these advertising matters?
    I have marketplace (note: marketplace) related topics/items that I'd like to post about (new assets, requests etc.), but gave up on the idea since anytime someone did post something such as this post, it was shot down. I have not heard of any changes, so why is this just okay for some? If there is a process for special exceptions please state it.

    @debugdesign You have been here long enough to know this by now, I am certain that you are no stranger to the advertising rules. :)>-
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    I have been here for many years and the loss of 3rd party services was a huge blow...

    I understand why they did it though, every one with a art program was offering graphics and there was (and still is) many rip offs of my work about.

    The re-introduction was really appreciated but I was a little confused at first and I did have posts removed during these early days...

    I think I broke the rules (although I had extenuating circumstances with having a baby on the way...)

    Thanks to GS I can now get a few more bits for little Leia when she arrives on the 10th...

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