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"OrbTap!" (made in 6 hours) - finally available on iOS - FREE!

dugisthekingdugistheking Posts: 83Member
edited September 2012 in Announce Your Game!
Hello GS Community,

A while ago I posted this article about how we taught a 17 year old student to make a game from scatch in just 6 hours

Well now its finally also available on iOS! It's 100% FREE and almost 100 people battling it out over game center for the best score - less than 24 hours after release! I hope you can all take a few moments to give it a whirl. A true example of how easy GS is to pick up and learn. . I must admit I am a little jealous someone has managed to get 10,300 points!!! Getting my butt kicked at my own game :) Many thanks. Feedback very welcome!

So far challenges works great. If anyone wants to test it out feel free to add me "dugistheking" on the leaderboard.

Download link for iOS!/id554520882?mt=8



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