Stopped Procrastinating, decided on Gamesalad

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Just thought I'd pop my head in and say hi.
After a bit of searching around for an easy to use platform for creating mobile apps, Gamesalad seemed to fit my bill the best. No licence purchased yet, i want to get something up and running first, and make sure my decision is justified :)

I decided to give up on coding many, many moons ago, since i never found it that enjoyable (I'm looking at you C++), and have been in a completely different industry. Its been good to delve back in to see the progress that's been made on mature, codeless or easy to code solutions, and that's what pepped my interest into creating something.

As basically a "beginner", its a tough decision working out what platform is the best. There are at least 6 quality products out there now that allow you to do similar things, quickly and easily. None are perfect, and none seem to have everything you want.

Gamesalad ticked most of my boxes, looks simple to use, creates fast, has the majority features for creating a quality 2d game or application, community seems friendly, excellent tutorials and templates to follow, and allows me to publish to the biggest platforms.

Its good to stop procrastinating and pick a platform.
Should be fun to put my skills to the test over the coming months.

Oh and i'm from sunny Brisbane in Australia! So hi to the fellow aussies out there.


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