Impaled Free *Top 50 Action Games + Featured*

mikelowemikelowe Member Posts: 177
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Hi Everyone!

I am so excited right now because the free version of my new game Impaled is climbing the charts quite quickly. Apple featured it in the "New" section for both Action games and Strategy games. Currently, it is top 50 in action and top 20 in strategy. Yeahhhhh!!!

Please check it out here:



  • maxbeaumontmaxbeaumont Member Posts: 616
    Nice job! That's not easy to do. Congratulations!

  • mikelowemikelowe Member Posts: 177
    Thanks guys! Looks like its continuing to climb :D
  • zombiesdrulezombiesdrule PRO Posts: 131
    @mikelowe well done mate. I'm for one liking the new way the app store is set up, one of my games is currently number 2 in the New section for family games and 5 for Arcade.

    Makes it all worthwhile (even if we are not getting rich)
  • mikelowemikelowe Member Posts: 177
    @zombiesdrule, Yeah, I too like the way the app store is set up. I think it gives more developers a fair shot. You can scroll through more recent apps in that little box than you could on the first page of new releases. Mine is currently 17 in strategy and 41 in action. Submitted an update tonight as well to hold the users' (and possibly apple's) attention in a week.
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