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iPuzzler Now Available for iOS (FREE) & Kindle Fire!

osucowboy18osucowboy18 Posts: 1,307Member
edited September 2012 in Announce Your Game!
Hey there everyone,


Yesterday, we released an update to iPuzzler for iPhone (version 2.0) as well as an iPad and Kindle Fire edition. Best of all, iPuzzler is now FREE for iOS devices and only $1.99 for Kindle Fire! So please take a moment and read the description and check out the screenshots below, and download iPuzzler for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Kindle Fire and let us know what you think! Thanks everyone.

App Description:

Improve your memory simply by playing a game!

Try duplicating the 15 puzzles in iPuzzler as the levels increase in both length and difficulty. (Or upgrade to iPuzzler PRO and test your mind with 30 additional levels.) This memory boosting exercise comes with 4x4 grids designed to sharpen your mind. Each of the 15 levels becomes more and more challenging than the one before. The clock begins counting when the puzzle shows you what cells you must tap in the grid, then all you have to do is duplicate the answer in the same order it was shown to you! Download iPuzzler for FREE and put your memory to the test and compare your mind to others on our Game Center Leaderboards! Once you master the FREE version, upgrade to iPuzzler PRO via an in-app purchase to get 30 additional levels with 2 new grid sizes. Who knew improving your attention and memory skills could be so much fun?!








Available for iPhone and iPod Touch for FREE here!

Available for iPad for FREE here!

Available for Kindle Fire here!

- Alex
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