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refreshing the list

djdeedjdee Posts: 180Member

in the video above tshirt showed us how to display a word with out repeating it. i would like to know how do i refresh it in the game and get the words back on the list after its done displaying all the words or when the user wants to start from the start. thank u

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  • Mr HansonMr Hanson Posts: 94Member
    Accepted Answer


    I would make a new table and call it master. Then on the actor, make it copy the info from table Master into the first table. If you set a rule that says something like, if touched, copy master table to table one,
    and then start the rest of the rules.
    I am not too experienced with tables but i do believe this is what should work. Also sorry that no one answered your question earlier. If any more questions just ask me or PM me.

    All the best


  • djdeedjdee Posts: 180Member
    hey jonapp,
    thanks a lot that really helped... :D
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