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Making your game iPhone 4+ only?

nikkonnikkon Posts: 111Member, PRO
edited September 2012 in Working with GS (Mac)

Is it possible to publish your game so only people with iPhone 4+ devices can buy it?

I know i can set arnv7 but this includes 3gs.




  • LuckyLurcherLuckyLurcher Posts: 343Member
    Not sure, but possibly make it only for retina display. 3GS has the old low resolution so your app should not be available for them to buy.

    Perhaps someone else could clarify this?
  • lycettebroslycettebros Posts: 1,598Member, PRO
    You can only determine what type of handset by what OS the device can use. For example iOS 6 works only on 3GS upwards so any published app now has that at its minimum. You can't make it iPhone4+ exclusively. Someone will correct me if I am wrong.
    You can describe in your app description that it is designed for a specific device I guess.
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