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Hello GS community,

I was contacted by TapforTap to do a video interview. Below is the video. I think it's some great tips for any new devs starting out but mainly why I believe GameSalad to be the best option for publishing out there. All of you are mentioned when I refer to the great community - Without you all - This tool would be not as appealing. Don't get me wrong - I think GameSalad is an amazing tool - but the community really makes it such a pleasure to work with. A big thanks to all of you!! Video Link below - many thanks for your time.

Useful Links I refer to in the video

http://www.appannie.com - great site to see your apps ranks for free
http://www.testflightapp.com - great site to distribute your binary
http://www.jaxelstudios.com/our-games/orbtap/ - The game made in 6 hours (some very positive media and feedback received.

If anyone is looking to cross promote please contact me at contact@jaxelstudios.com

Also - Currently it is not possible to intergrate tapfortap in gamesalad apps. I think this could be a good investment. Feel free to check the concept out and provide feedback below


You can support us by liking us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/jaxelstudios and liking the developer interview above to support game salad.

Have a great Sunday all!
Doug James
Jaxel Studios


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