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TapforTap - Developer Interview (VIDEO) - Jaxel Studios - Why I use GameSalad - Tips/Tricks

dugisthekingdugistheking Posts: 83Member
edited September 2012 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hello GS community,

I was contacted by TapforTap to do a video interview. Below is the video. I think it's some great tips for any new devs starting out but mainly why I believe GameSalad to be the best option for publishing out there. All of you are mentioned when I refer to the great community - Without you all - This tool would be not as appealing. Don't get me wrong - I think GameSalad is an amazing tool - but the community really makes it such a pleasure to work with. A big thanks to all of you!! Video Link below - many thanks for your time.

Useful Links I refer to in the video - great site to see your apps ranks for free - great site to distribute your binary - The game made in 6 hours (some very positive media and feedback received.

If anyone is looking to cross promote please contact me at [email protected]

Also - Currently it is not possible to intergrate tapfortap in gamesalad apps. I think this could be a good investment. Feel free to check the concept out and provide feedback below

You can support us by liking us on facebook at and liking the developer interview above to support game salad.

Have a great Sunday all!
Doug James
Jaxel Studios


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