New Nook/Nook HD and Nook Development for non-US developers

ChobbifaceChobbiface PRO Posts: 491
Hey guys and girls!

Nothing new for you US devs, but as you may know the new Nook and Nook HD are coming to the UK :) Have spoken to Nook support and thought I'd share - a US bank account is no longer needed which means UK devs can now join the programme! (well if a US bank account was holding you back before, which I'm guessing is the majority). This should apply to the other supported international countries - Canada, Ireland, Germany, Australia, though I haven't asked specifically for these ones.

You will however still need the Tax ID EIN thingamajig from the US IRS - and I heard it's a bit long-winded, but from what I hear the Nook market is worth it. You'd also benefit getting the Tax ID if you're on the Amazon developer programme with them not withholding US taxes I think. Anyway, hope this is useful for those that were considering the Nook market.



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