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I'm not sure how to describe the problem I'm having, so apology for the generic title.
I'm a newbie and have been working on a game for a while now. I ran into one issue I cannot figure out not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'll try my best to describe the issue as follows:

I'm making a game where there are 3 buttons on the screen, each one is an instance of same prototype. When tapping one of them there is a meter that slowly fills up. Now, there are several levels in this game and in higher levels you are required to tap more times than previous levels and therefore the meter takes longer to fill up. I created a game attribute that when pressing a certain level it would divide the required number of filling up the meter, so basically in an easy level you need to tap the objects 5 times and the meter fills up in 5 increment steps and them you progress to next level. If you miss tapping a button at proper time, the meter resets.

This was the basic description of what I'm trying to achieve. I was able to set it up properly as far as I thought. Also, I placed an actor showing the location of the meter along the X axis so I can 'debug'. The game works fine until at some point the meter gets stuck and does not move although the 'debug' actor shows the numbers keep changing. My guess is there is an issue when I tap 2 buttons at the same time, don;t know why, but a hunch.

Now, I cannot really explain how I did this, as I'm overwhelmed at this point and it would take too long for me to describe. I'm just interested to know how anyone else would have approached this.




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    I think it's going to be easier to troubleshoot your game than to describe an alternate implementation. It sounds like your method is a good one. If you'd like to send me a PM with a link to download your game file, I can take a look and see if there's an easy solution.

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    @tatiang - thanks. Am PMing you a link. thx.
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    Just want to conclude this post. Even tough I was unable to find a reason for this, @tatiang suggested to me to use 'Replicate' behavior which works well with what I'm trying to accomplish.


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