Physics of friction and gravity working together seems to be inverted ?!? - Engine bug?

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I've just been playing with alternate gravity speeds to get around a friction problem. Now when I was studying I seem to remember that gravity(downward acceleration) * coefficient of friction = difficulty of motion. However as I increased the gravity acting on my actor his ability to accelerate and overcome friction began to increase. Not sure if anyone has had this problem. To solve it i simply increased gravity to reduce the friction. This could however be a flaw in the physics engine


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    That makes perfect scene as you increased the force on your actor it now requires more friction to slow it. In gamesalad friction has to do with how two actors interact when the come in contact. It has nothing to do with an actors acceleration in space. Friction in the GS engine is related to how and actor will slow in relation to contact with another actor. The same holds true for density, it only effect which actor will be harder to move during actor interaction and not in free space.
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