Many questions from a new GS newbie

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Hello, All.

first some history:

Recently I've been very interested in developing something for the iPhone/iPad/Android --whatever.
I've always was in the hope that one day I can learn to program and while trying to teach myself Objective-C and XCode to learn iOS programming it was just simply too time consuming.
Then i tried to push myself onto Java and learn Eclipse+Android-SDK ... still too time consuming.
Besides the iOS market is by far much better in my opinion. People will always pay for Apple apps and expect the Google android to be free. Thats just the mentality of the world i guess.

I then discovered a product by the name of "Livecode" which promises to create multi-platform programs but you have to learn their language. It was all great and pretty however it had one simple problem -- native controls arent native. In other words if i create a button to be pressed in livecode and i run the program on my iphone/android it would look like a windows button. it doesnt have the native look and it looks very ugly! this left me completely hating the product!

So then i learned about a product named Titanium studio which doesnt have the Livecode problem with native controls however it has no gui for creating your interface. you have to write code to specify where button1 goes and so on. wow the difficulty!
if i was going to learn that i might as well learn xcode+objectiveC at least then i'd learn something the right way.
so i erased that idea.

and by accident i found Gamesalad. and i was WoWd by its concept. It looked so simple and so fun to use to create actual games ... obviously thats what sells so this seems like the right path.

However... Concerns arise GS

1) On the free version I assume the gamesalad logo will always appear ?

2) whats the profit to be made from a game i design? I realize apple does the 70/30 deal where for every 1 dollar the developer gets 70cents and apple gets 30cents. Where is gamesalads cut in addition to this? i feel poor already!

3) The code or rather your design script. in the free version i assume everything belongs to Gamesalad. As in whatever you create is theirs... nothing is yours ... correct?
in the pro version where i am paying $299 dollars ... does the same rule apply?

4) when a game gets created and i publish it -- if i had the pro version i know i get android abilities. do i get an APK to send to friends?

lets start with these questions -- my mind isnt thinking of any more...

any help is appreciated!


  • bjandthekatzbjandthekatz Orlando, FlMember Posts: 1,375
    1. I believe so
    2. Gamesalad takes nothing but might put ads in (i never published without pro)
    3.Anything you make should rightfully belong to you
    4. When you pay the $299 yearly fee you can published to android however you want.
  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick Posts: 9,028
    1. No, you may add your own splash screen.

    2. GameSalad doesn't take a percent of your sales, but they do out ads in your games.

    3. Everything you make is yours.

    4. As Bjanethekatz said, you can publish to Android when you purchase Pro.
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