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I'm Mike. I'm new. Can anyone help me?

matenciomatencio Posts: 0Member
edited October 2012 in Introductions
I am new to this game designing but all I want to build is a dice game and a spin the bottle like game. Can anyone help me with this? Is it possible to make a game w/ 3D dice here in G.S.?
It would be great if someone has already done something like this and can walk me through it. I want to design some party games for my kids. Thanks.


  • blorschblorsch Posts: 248Member
    Hi mike a dice game I do belive is possible you will need a few images actually for the dice I would say around 15.
  • Asobu_GamesAsobu_Games Posts: 261PRO
    Hi, I have actually made a very similar game that has dice AND spin the bottle. A pretty quick app, only took a few days to make.

    If you just want something like this for your kids to play with, feel free to download my app, it's free!

    If you want to make your own (which is half the fun) I could give a few tips. For starters, no you can't make a 3D dice roll as such, however you can create the illusion of 3D by animating with a bunch of 2D frames.

    For mine I basically had a standard roll animation that is the same for each spin, it's fast so you can't really tell. Then a random number is selected and the last few frames of the animation change to show that number coming up.
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