importance of the Windows App Certification Kit

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I just got finished submitting my 6th app to the Windows App Store, and I wanted to share how important this step is. This kit goes through and tests the app for a number of things, and if I had not run it, my app would have sat in review for a week before getting rejected. I had copied and pasted the descriptions for many of my apps from iTunes Connect. After running the certification kit, it detected that I had a trailing whitespace in 5 of my 6 apps.

Make sure you run this kit before submissions! save yourself a headache!

Error Found: The app resources validation test detected the following errors: ◦String reference "ms-resource:Description": Language "(null)": The string "Get ready for some spooky matching! Halloween Matcher is a fun matching game for the Halloween season. Match jack-o-lanterns, pu..." must not have leading/trailing whitespace.

Impact if not fixed: The app might not install if the strings or images declared in your app’s manifest are incorrect. If the app does install with these errors, your app’s logo or other images used by your app might not display correctly.

How to fix: Fix the problem indicated by the error message. See the link below for more information:

Validate your Windows Store app by using the Windows App Certification Kit interactively
1. From the Start menu, search Apps, find Windows Kits, and click Windows App Cert Kit.
2. From the Windows App Certification Kit, select Validate a Windows Store app.
3. The Windows App Certification Kit lists all the Windows Store apps that you have deployed on your computer.
4. Pick the Windows Store app you want to test, and then click Next.
5. The Windows App Certification Kit begins testing the app.
6. At the prompt after the test, enter the path to the folder where you want to save the test report.
7. The Windows App Certification Kit creates an HTML along with an XML report and saves it in this folder.
8. Open the report file and review the results of the test.


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