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Hi, i'm going to be using GameSalad to create a game in a 4-5 week project and i was wondering if any of you could help me with an issue i can't figure out, we have to produce a paper game with all the coding for each character and my game will be like God's playing field and stick men will run across the screen to a building and you have to hit them, what i'm stuck on is the stick men part, for the actor part will i have to make each running position? and i don't know how i will code that? :P thanks i'm new to this so any help/suggestions will be appreciated :)


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    You mean for the animation? Yes you will need a character model frame for each position of movement. The animation sequence is controlled with behaviors (animation), rules and potentially attributes (depending on inputs and actions). The animation frames are created separately within a graphic program, not within GameSalad. Check with your class/school for animation graphic assets (they may have a pool of freebies for the class to use).
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    Had the same idea for a game :P
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