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Elfizm is here! And very excited :)

ElfizmElfizm Posts: 489Member
edited October 2012 in Introductions
Hello everybody :)

It's time to introduce myself to the community.
I am Elfizm, and have been lurking around these parts for a couple of years on and off.

With news of the new engine I became excited and motivated to finish my first game. Might be a while but wanted to get to know the community.

So thanks for making GameSalad so cool. Can't wait to get involved :)



  • carlblanchetcarlblanchet Posts: 755Member
    edited October 2012
    Welcome to the gamesalad community @Elfizm!

    Can't wait to see the games you produce! :D
  • ElfizmElfizm Posts: 489Member
    Thanks @carlblanchet for being the first (and only one) to welcome me. :)

    Looks like I will have a chance to impress people when I finish my game.
    If I ever finish it and then fix it up after the new engine comes out next year :)

  • carlblanchetcarlblanchet Posts: 755Member
    My pleasure! It's always good to see new members! :)
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