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I was wondering if I can use the iphone simulator in the sdk to test the game.......,


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    There is not a relationship between the sdk and GameSalad at this point. However, on our roadmap page ( http://www.gamesalad.com/landing/roadmap ) we have announced a preview application that is currently in the works with details forthcoming. For now, we're hoping that alpha users can get comfortable with GameSalad Creator, creating custom rules and creating games for the web, so that when iPhone support comes online, it will be very quick for creators to get their games on the iPhone for testing.
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    Hi....GS is great! To chime in.....I think if you guys are able to get us the iPhone support (like now) so we can create and publish to the App Store....this would be awesome and something that all would pay for!......hopefully it's a priority for GS... John
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    I'm trying to figure out how to use the iPhone Simulator. I could not find a topic on this, is it possible to test a game on the Simulator? Any tutorials around?

    Edit: I want to record my game footage from it, so I can put up a video.
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    Wow - look at how young yoshi looked last year! Bless!


    Heya - Could you not just record from GameSalad when you test your game? (preview)

    Or is it more that you want the iphone graphic around your game that's leading you towards the simulator?


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    For some reason, on the device the DisplayText's appear a few pixels lower than in GS Preview, so I had to nudge them down so they appeared properly on the device. I don't know why this happens.

    So can't record from GS Preview coz text is out of place..
  • hrsmediahrsmedia Member Posts: 522
    Any help with using the iPhone Simulator?
  • Rob2Rob2 Member Posts: 2,402
    What do you need to know?
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    Open xcode Gamesalad iphone viewer 0.8.8 project and instead of compiling to your device you select 'Simulator' and build to that instead . Now you have the Gamesalad viewer installed to the xcode iphone simulator. Now when ever you want just run the simulator ('iphone simulator' typed in spotlight should do it) click the GS icon on your simulated iphone and now from Gamesalad itself you can 'Preview on iPhone' but instead of the name of your iphone coming up the name of your mac will appear and you will preview to the xcode iphone simulator.
  • hrsmediahrsmedia Member Posts: 522

    Thanks that worked.
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