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Looking for artist to partner with (few projects)

boredaholicboredaholic Posts: 47Member
Looking for an artist to team up with and release a few of my projects I've been working/thinking on.

There's roughly 5 projects I want to work on. One is a second version of something that's hopefully going to be released sometime soon in the app store. One is already 85% complete, but I need to recode some parts of it to complete it as well as it needs art done.

Only serious offers, the terms for the partnership will not be "I pay you up front" they will be a dedicated amount per download from each game that you have helped with for the lifetime of the game. The amount will be discussed after example work has been studied.

An agreement will be signed, either electronically or by fax, to prevent any issues with the financial area of the partnership.

What I need from you:

1.) Examples of your OWN work, still pictures, characters, backgrounds, platforms, etc.
2.) Must have examples of animation as well. Such as character movement/jumping/crouching/running etc.

I basically want to see that you have the skill set needed for these tasks.

We can further the partnership from one project to the next as well as we could brainstorm ideas and continue this.

Bear in mind that I am in the U.S. Navy and I do GameSalad work as a hobby. For the next month i can dedicate a few hours per night as well as every other weekend to full GameSalad work.

Email the examples to [email protected] as for I do not check these forums regularly.

Projects will be kept secret and their secrecy will be part of the agreement signed.

Any questions please just email me :)

I look forward to working with several of you over the next few years.




  • boredaholicboredaholic Posts: 47Member
    Artist has been found/partnership has been formed. Thanks for the views and for the people interested. :)
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