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Question about Studica

I ordered a Pro account via Studica. My order says shipped. I'm confused as to what exactly they are shipping me. I was under the impression that the upgrade was all electronic. What should I be expecting?


  • epicstagepicstag Posts: 132PRO
    Thanks SSS. It looks like my account has been upgraded to pro. Will my forums account update as well? I like that nifty little pro icon too!
  • SnapFireStudiosSnapFireStudios Posts: 1,603Member
    Hey, sorry to bring this back up, but I have a ?

    I just ordered pro on Studica also, but it never asked me for my GameSalad information.
    My account on GS is not using the same email as what I gave them.

    So.. how does this work?
    - Thomas

    Ignore females. Acquire currency.

  • ramiznathaniramiznathani Posts: 3Member, PRO

    Exactly - I ordered from Studica too - how do they link my details to GameSalad

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