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The Boredaholic

boredaholicboredaholic Posts: 47Member
edited October 2012 in Introductions
Hello everyone, I'm not entirely all that new. I was on deployment looking for a project and I've always wanted to create my own video games. Well GS has given me that opportunity. I've been using it for almost 6 months now and I've got my first game submitted to apple. Some of you may have seen me creeping around and answering questions from time to time or even me asking questions. I'll be around for quite a while as for this will be an ongoing hobby and possibly a full time job if I ever have anything hit off quite well :)

I look forward to creeping on everyone's progress as well as their problems. I'll do what I can to help everyone out and provide feedback for the games I download.

EDIT: So everyone knows, the game that I was originally working on didn't quite happen and I got busy with deployment, that's why I haven't really posted a ton the past 6 months. The one I submitted is quite different and much more simple. Once it's released I'll be posting in the released section :)
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