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USA App Store Users, Please Help

gurechangurechan Posts: 211Member, PRO
My latest game (AntFarm) has been on the App Store for a few days now, and has had about 5k downloads so far, and quite a few iApp purchases. I've received a number of reviews from different countries all of which have been great.

On the USA App Store for iPad there is only 1 review which is very bad. This makes no sense to me, either do the comments the person left. So I have a favour to ask any USA App Store users, can you please try my iPad game and leave a review and rating. Be honest in your comments, as I don't want any fake feedback. Thanks.

Here's the link to the iPad version:


  • BazookaTimeBazookaTime Posts: 1,274Member
    edited October 2012
    Congrats on 5K, that is impressive. Yes, it sucks when the only person willing to leave a review leaves a crappy one. Even worse when it is a review about the whole experience not being free but that seems to be more and more common now days. I will check out your game when I have some time.
  • gurechangurechan Posts: 211Member, PRO
    Thanks, I appreciate it a lot.
  • epicstagepicstag Posts: 132PRO
    lol that review if effing horrendous man! Yea man I'm going to download it and review it better cause holy crap man that's a really bad review. Your screenies look nice. Just return the favor to me, as I'm releasing my kids game to the app store very soon... Just adding my IAP's in now.
  • gurechangurechan Posts: 211Member, PRO
    @stoney no probs, will return the favour, just let me know your app.

    I don't think that review is legit as the comments aren't accurate about the game itself and the fact that the instructions are the first thing that loads when you open the game. I get the feeling that its from another dev that had an app in the new section next to mine.
  • creativeappscreativeapps Posts: 1,770Member
    Looks good. Did you used the template provide by @UtopianGames ?
  • gurechangurechan Posts: 211Member, PRO
    Yes, the game started life as the pipemania template from DBA
  • creativeappscreativeapps Posts: 1,770Member
    Good luck with the sales
  • gurechangurechan Posts: 211Member, PRO
    Down loads have been good in the few days its been in the app store. iApp purchase have been OK too. This review is weird though, so anyone that has downloaded it, can you please leave a rating/review. Thanks.
  • gurechangurechan Posts: 211Member, PRO
    @stoney Thanks for the review, that is a seriously good (and funny) one. Cheers. Will definitely return the favour, just let me know when its out.
  • epicstagepicstag Posts: 132PRO
    Haha no problem. I try to add a bit oh humor to the day when I can.
  • gurechangurechan Posts: 211Member, PRO
    Thanks guys. All the feedback I have had has been great. So more and more I think this is just a deliberate attempt to hurt my app sales.
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