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I just got asked to write a christmas list as this year my in laws (wifes family) are going down the secret santa route... and each secret santa shopper has a budget of £50.00 to spend.

I wrote my list pretty slowly, realising there's not much I want (that doesn't involve moving to the sea, starting my own business, app store success, time travel or Spielberg style dinosaur theme parks).

But my list did get written and I thought I'd share the geekier of items on the list (you may want similar items)... if my wifes family weren't sure if I was a geek before they will be now. ...

Geeky Books: - Prices from Amazon.
• iOS Game App Design: Create Great Games by Better Design £15.19
• Impeccable Scene Design: For Game, Animation and Film £11.00
• Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps £20.14

Magazine subscription:
A magazine subscription to the 'indie game magazine' would be cool…The printed subscription not the app please… http://www.indiegamemag.com

A Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet: £42.29
Plugs into my computer and lets me draw/paint with a pen straight into Photoshop.

A laptop sleeve (to put 15" laptop in). (£7 to £20)
Lots of choice on amazon.

Any other geeky things under £50 that I'm missing?


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