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Which is better: IAP to upgrade to pro, or separate free and pro versions?

I'm currently working on a mobile game that will have extra content behind a paywall but I'm debating whether or not it's best to create one app, release it for free, then allow users to upgrade to get access. OR whether it's best to release a free version of the game that tells people to go buy the pro version in place of IAP.

Ignoring the fact that I've encountered numerous problems actually getting IAP set up, I'm struggling to make a decision as to which is the best solution. (there may not be a right answer)

Does anyone have experience with both, or a good reason to pick one method over another?


  • dmilinovichiiidmilinovichiii Member Posts: 620
    If your app is really good, you can probably make more with iAP. If you aren't confident that people will want to pay extra, then just release paid by itself.
  • blorschblorsch Member Posts: 248
    I say IAP's.
  • lycettebroslycettebros Member, PRO Posts: 1,598
    Yep IAP definitely.
  • SingleSparqSingleSparq Member Posts: 1,339
    For my next game I'm trying free with 1world unlocked and IAP to unlock the other 3worlds.

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  • famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834
    Thats when you guys have Pro, I do not have pro yet, so making two versions for the first game is the basic idea. Once I get the Pro, I can go with inapp purchases.
  • imjustmikeimjustmike Member Posts: 450
    I've been asking around in a few other places and one thing that has been mentioned is that for iOS IAP to unlock premium content has better success rate than a separate premium app. However, a few people have been saying that on android it's better to have a free app supported by ads and a separate paid version
  • ElfizmElfizm Member Posts: 489
    From a buyers point view:

    I use to buy only paid apps on the appstore for iOS. This way i knew i was getting quality work, and i am one to spend heaps each months.

    But the business has changed. Now get ripped off by buying paid straight away. It's not what i expected or just doesn't play is a factor.

    So by having a free game that does not have the word free in the title now catches my eye, I see, I like, I download, I play, I buy more if I like some more.
    So from a buyer point of view free is good with Iaps.

    From delevoper point of view:
    I am not official one yet but soon will be, but 30 percent will but Iaps so if that does not suit, go paid first up.

    Android I hear is better just going paid because people buy..... I don't know for sure though.

    But I would go with the buyers point of view, makes people happy. :)

  • famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834
    @Elfizm That is what I am thinking giving a free lite version will be a good idea, the pro can always be updated later with more stages and other stuff, if people like the free version, they might shell out money for the pro version with added features.

    so we should not add the text free in the title?

    Maybe use lite and Pro?

  • ElfizmElfizm Member Posts: 489
    I think the better option is iap, I won't download a free/lite version then download the full version. I like it all in one app, a bit easier.
    So I personally from a buyer view like Iaps.

    Again with the free word in text, I don't think it really matters but for those like me who like using Iap to unlock more content, so having the word free makes me have second thoughts on buying the game, but in saying that, my first game will have the word free in it as it uses iaps. So it doesn't really matter.
    I think it's just the fact that you pay money and it's still regarded as free. But no big deal :)

  • wpatenwpaten Member, PRO Posts: 281
    Something else to keep in mind is how the different stores rank your apps. So for instance, the iTunes store will rank you by several factors such as keyword relevance, ratings and also by the number of downloads your app has received. So to increase your position in the store, you would really want 1 app (free) with IAP. This gets you all the free traffic that helps your ranking. Otherwise you have 2 apps that share the download count between them and both of them don't do as well as they could.
  • famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834
    Yes but inapp is only for the pro members, not an option for me yet, maybe in few months.
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