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png graphic optimisation in GameSalad

jackhammerjackhammer Posts: 20Member

Can anyone clarify how GameSalad handles png files? Does it optimise them automatically as part of the publishing process? I notice if I save an image as a flattened png (as opposed to a normal png) it dramatically decreases the file size. Is this the best way to save them? Does is matter? I am saving as double size for resolution independence.

Any advice will be much appreciated.



  • famekraftsfamekrafts Posts: 834Member, BASIC
    If ur on mac use image optim app. It reduces the file size. If you are using hd resolution your size will anyhow go high, mine is going over 50 mb right now, normal hd games on iPad have a size of average 70 mb. So do not bother about the size unless it's crossing over 80 for just 50 scenes.
  • jackhammerjackhammer Posts: 20Member
    Thanks sunny - that really helps.

    Can you clarify the HD resolution? I am building first at iphone resolution using images twice the size saved at 72dpi. Will this work as HD on iPhone and when converted to iPad?

  • famekraftsfamekrafts Posts: 834Member, BASIC
    That's exactly what I am confused about as well, I am creating for iPad retina, so the size needs to be double and divisible by 4. I am not sure about the iPhone size, as I do not have the device to test myself.
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