SimpleFinder - Introducing easy pathfinding for your projects!

domeniusdomenius Member Posts: 108

Hey there GS community! Today, I am proud to introduce my latest creation, SimpleFinder. SimpleFinder is a pathfinding and AI template which aims to greatly simplify the process of creating intelligent character movement within your own projects! SimpleFinder has been designed to provide easy means of both setting up your pathfinding-enabled actors, and designing levels which provide actors with the information they need to navigate the scene; all while maintaining a high level of performance and accuracy!

Below is a video showcasing the demo levels included with SimpleFinder in action, as well as how easy it is to set up a basic level for pathfinding. The content included with the engine is as lightweight and streamlined as possible, so don't mind the lack of graphical content. These demo scenes, and more, are provided to show you how to properly set up your own scenes for use with the engine.

I am currently in the process of getting SimpleFinder on the GS Marketplace. If you purchase SimpleFinder, it includes full user documentation detailing proper usage of the template; both in regards to code modification and level creation. The code within SimpleFinder has been painstakingly optimized and is heavily commented to further aid in using the code yourself. This template is perfect for implementing single-tap player movement systems, advanced AI, open-world games with intelligent movement, and much more. SimpleFinder includes sample actors for player characters, simple NPC's, waypoint movement, and following a non-stationary target. The best part is, SimpleFinder is designed specifically to allow concurrent pathfinding across many actors. Place as many actors as the device can handle and SimpleFinder does the rest!

As soon as the full template is available on the marketplace, Ill be sure to let everyone know. Until then, if you have any questions or comments regarding SimpleFinder, I'm always happy to discuss it! Post them here and I'll respond as soon as I can.


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