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Tags and collision weirdness

SquareHeartSquareHeart Posts: 69Member, PRO
Hi there,
recently I've been putting together a prototype for a marble flicking RPG game (don't ask :) - it's probably the most complex project I've embarked on and have found a number of unusual situations around actor tags and, specifically collision.

S0 what i've found is actors tags are completely unreliable to use for grouping actors into collision groups.
as example I make tags - [collidable] and [collidable2] and put actors [1] [2] [3] in each of them -
I then have actor [4] with a collision behaviour with [collidable] tag group - I'll discover [3] won't collide...
I then have actor [4] with a collision behaviour with [collidable2] tag group - I'll discover [2] won't collide...

if I made a third collide tag group I'd get another random result again...
I resorted to using 'collide with actor of type' and listing each actor - an inefficient bodge but it works.

Anyone else found weirdness with tags?

It's also made me question collision rules in general - I've also found:
* physics collisions occurring between objects that have no collision rules or [collide] behaviour
* Actors which will just refuse to collide with each other, and in one case actually turning the [collide] rule off caused the collision behaviour to work correctly (just without the physics) ?! :0 (I assume the physical collision behaviour was conflicting with the collision triggered rules)

so some general collision questions?
if I want actor A and B to have physics collision - is it best practice to have the [collide] rule on actor A, actor B or both?

Does the [collide] rule conflict with collision rules? and does the order of collide/collision behaviours matter?
i.e is it best practice to have collision rules first followed by the collide behaviour?

If Actor A has rules that are triggered by colliding with Actor B, does having the [collide] rule only on Actor A (or B) create different results

In what damn situation would Actor A refuse to collide with Actor B even when using 'collide with actor of type'? (may have answered myself with question 2 if correct :?



  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,913Member
    Certan behaviors like interpolate or a constrain to mouse will over ride collisions this may be you're problem.
  • KaonaKaona Posts: 4Member
    I managed to break the tags myself just recently. Not sure what happened, it just at random decided to accept a collision every once and a while from a tag and seems to rotate which one that it will accept inputs from. It will however work fine if i dont use any tags anymore.
  • SquareHeartSquareHeart Posts: 69Member, PRO
    I think I figured out this problem - I'd be interested to hear if others have found the same -
    The problem, which in this case was creating tagging and collision rules not firing, was due to :
    Option-Click-Dragging actors in the scene to duplicate them.
    I wouldn't recommend EVER doing this - it seems to create, seemingly random, rules not firing in the actor (maybe there is a logic going on but I cannot see it at the moment)
    If you need duplicate actors - drag them in from the actor panel.

  • HappyKat78HappyKat78 Posts: 173Member, BASIC
    I'm also finding that some actors in my tags don't respond to tag rules. I'm still having issues when not duplicating actors directly on the scene. I can't see any correlation between the actors that are correctly working with the tag rule and those that aren't. This looks like a bug and one that's been going on for a while looking at historic threads. Has anybody figured this out yet or at least reported it to GS team as a bug?
  • TomCoffeeTomCoffee Posts: 175Member, PRO
    Just spent two hours with this same issue... Tags were working fine for a month or so and then, suddenly... POOF... nothing...

    All my non-working tag rules appeared to be "contains" rules like this:

    When self.tags contains Red

    I wasn't option-click-dragging or anything... but I was able to at least fix the problem... I used double-quotes around all my references to tags... so I just used "Red" instead of simply typing the word without double quotes.

    Stupid, but it worked in my case.

    Not sure how to put in a bug report with so such sparse and random info.... - Apps for Parents and Kids

  • badcomicsbadcomics Posts: 8Member, PRO

    Been with GS for 1 1/2 years and this stuff makes me want to change engines. I'm hip deep in a project and tags quit working. I now have to change logic in so many objects. No I will not give GS my game code. UGGHHHHH So frustrated

  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 461Member

    @SquareHeart Thanks for posting the possible answer to tag issue! I'll avoid the option key actor dragging when creating new actors.

    @badcomics I feel ya :(

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