the Visitor : Dark Space (3d space horror FPS)

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Hey Guys, This is a game im making with a friend..not GS....its an alien/deadspace adventure type game..trailer coming soon
Im doing the level design, scripting, gameplay strategy and music...were hoping very late spring 2013
‘The Visitor’ is an exciting science fiction first-person adventure, both terrifying and beautiful. Thrilling 22nd technological settings give way to dystopic and surreal cosmic backdrops, punctuated by a haunting orchestral score which will accompany the player as they make their way through extraterrestrial landscapes in a race against time. As the player navigates through the Labyrinthian complex, they will upgrade their tools and character to either fight or flee, descending ever deeper into the station until the final confrontation with The Visitor.


A recent examination of the disturbance at Terraforming Colony 827-A has revealed an emergency kept secret by unknown forces. Expecting to find information leading to the delay at the station and the whereabouts of his missing team, Agent Derek Channing is about to find that although the station is without crew, he is not alone.







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