GameSalad All Over iPad's Top Paid Games List

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The iPad is just out, but the new Apple device's list of top paid apps is already making news with us - GameSalad's all over it. As of launch, over 10% of the top 100 paid games for the iPad were created using the GameSalad tool. That news made us here at GS Central squeal with excitement and we just had to share this awesome news. Here's a breakdown of the games made by this incredible community that are already catching like wildfire with iPad owners everywhere:

    #47 Picture Hunter HD by Tshirtbooth
    #51 Doodle Cannon HD by Crazybreadman
    #57 Tumble Blocks HD by Tshirtbooth
    #60 Go Ladybug, GO! by James Fletcher
    #62 Battle Pong by Eastbound
    #65 Red Block Remover 2 HD by Tshirtbooth
    #74 Jumpo! HD by bladeolson
    #79 Adrenaline Arcade by Butterbean
    #84 Magic Van Ride HD by James Fletcher
    #88 Tru3d Doodle Pad HD by James Fletcher
    #89 Kid Music Wonder by Butterbean
    #90 Wacky Circus Pinball HD by Chaser
    #94 Endless Apples 2 by Butterbean
Also, while they may not be in the Top 100 list quite yet, here are some other great iPad created by members of the GameSalad community, available now through iTunes:

    Achinko XL by iPhoneDevForMe
    Sounds That Drive You CRAZY!!! - Deluxe Edition by gregr209
    Mirror Sketch by Gamexcb
    Astro Adventure by Lardy
    Free ABC Songs by scorelessmusic
    Untouchable! by giacomopoppi
    Particle Rain!! by giacomopoppi
    Archangel: Vengeance of the Makuzi Ascendancy by BeyondTheTech
    Ghost Words HD by Chaser
    Tone Pads HD by Sparkyidr
    HockPuckPad by alexxxhp
    Stunt Squirrels! HD by firemaplegames
    Johnny Constellation by GendaiGames
The GameSalad Dev Team would like to offer a huge "Congrats!" to all the developers who busted their tails to get these awesome games ready for this mornings iPad launch. Way to go!


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