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Free 2d Character

NoniproductionNoniproduction Posts: 17Member
Hello everyone, i am not a blogger, but ill try my best to keep things simple and straight forward.

This blog will be dedicated to free and paid 2d artwork for games and any other work you might have.
I can provide illustrator files too, if you need them.

most of the projects coming soon in this blog will be animated and will come with illustrator and png files, they will also have inverted version for platforms like game salad.

If you have any questions or requests you can email me at [email protected]

All the art below, are completely free to use, no watermark, nothing required, if you want to give me credit thats very generous, enjoy.

If you like my work pls do share this blog with your friends.
And donate if you really like and want to buy me a small coffee :)


Click here to Download all the files


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