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Professional UI Artist, 2D Asset Artist, and Animator for hire

If you're looking for an artist to work on revenue share, pro bono, % of profits, or whatever else you wish to call it, I must kindly ask that you look elsewhere, at this time.

My name is Brian McDonaugh, and I am standing Lead Artist and Art Director for Glowdot Inc (, as well as a professional independent contractor specializing in 2D asset art, user interface, and 2D animation for games. Currently, I'm working on multiple big corporate projects (one of which will be released in a few weeks), and I'm looking to take on some side projects for the months of December and January.

I pride myself on being extremely versatile in my art styles. I can do everything from cartoon-ey vector art to more serious painted assets and pixel art. Utilizing my creativity and experience, I seek to provide those who choose to work with me with art and assets that have that little bit of flare, humor, and professionalism that makes them stand out from the competition in a positive manner.

You can find what I am not currently bound by NDA to show at

My email is [email protected] - This is the only contact method that I respond to. Please do not PM me.

Another service I offer is game development consulting. My experience in independent contracting has led me to art direct on projects for anywhere from small indie games to projects for multi-million and billion dollar corporations. If you are looking to add some spice to your game using your current artists, are looking to find ways to reduce costs in your production pipeline, need assistance in pushing your game's design, or are just looking to figure out ways to make that deadline, I'm also here for you.

Software I'm very proficient in: Photoshop, Illustrator
Software I'm relatively proficient in: Maya, Flash
Software I'm familiar with: After Effects, ZBrush, Unreal Development Kit, 3D Studio Max, Dreamweaver, Multimedia Fusion 2

I consider myself a fun guy with a very wild imagination, so if you're looking to spice your game up in ways that you didn't think possible, feel free to contact me

Brian McDonaugh (Renaissance Boy)
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