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WhatZ'Odd – turn any photo into puzzle PROMO CODES!

PhoqcePhoqce Posts: 4Member
edited December 2012 in Non-GS Game News
Boring? Have nothing to do? Here is the cure for you – grab WhatZ'Odd!

In the game you can turn your photo into a puzzle by adding images of randomly selected objects. From a chair to a street lamp to a tree!

Once you're done with your WhatZ’Odd, send it to your friends and challenge them to identify it! They have only 5 attempts! Don't take a chance playing in the office – it's addictive!

Grab a code and let us know what you think!


  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Posts: 2,807Member, Sous Chef
    This game obviously is not made with GameSalad, so I moved this topic to the right category.
  • PhoqcePhoqce Posts: 4Member
    Check out the video before you get the app :)

  • carlblanchetcarlblanchet Posts: 755Member
    edited December 2012
    Nice looking game. Clever idea.
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