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Hi all,

This's a grand android strategy game with beautiful HD graphics and abundant game play. It's FREE to install. In this game:

- you own an individual island in the vast ocean;

- you can recruit heroes, to develop armies and raise the whole race at will;

- you can strengthen your forces by all kinds of means, and finally dominate the whole server.

And there're various minor gameplays other than basic quests of island owner- resource exchange between islands, collecting crop mutually, maintaining alliance with other islands, exploring the world map, alliance war against external forces, etc..

Here are some screenshots I’d like to share:





It is available on Google Play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.x6game.dragonkingdomEn&feature=search_result

Don’t forget to tap the ‘like’ button to get the latest notification: http://www.facebook.com/Dragon.Kingdom.community

Any tips are welcome, leave message here or send me privately. Thanks!


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    @x6game Moved this, as it's not a GameSalad game.

    Very nice looking game. Awesome graphics.
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    Are there anyone playing the game?I'd like to share with him some game strategy so a :) that we could better enhance our island kingdom value.
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    Is this even allowed!?
    Welcome to GS by the way since this is your first post :) so if this is your first post why announce it here on GS, since you only joined on the 4th. I am assuming this is only a marketing technique. Thought you had to be working with GS to post thi

    On other news.
    It looks like a cool game so far so keep it up.

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    Yes, people are allowed to post their non-GameSalad made game, but only in the non-GameSalad game news thread. It's not a free for all, though, like toucharcade.
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    In addition,this game has released its update version on December 13th,in the latest game version ,you may enjoy:
    - Tutorial improvements, which has greatly shortened tutorial guide progress.
    - Hero level caps adjustment:Increase hero level caps to 110.
    - Growth points adjustment: Increase hero growth caps to 140.
    - Surprise system.Lucky lottery and wandering merchant.
    Go to download the latest game version and enjoy the funny elements of Dragon Kingdom!
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