I will be working on a game that I have an idea for, and I need a team. I need a good artwork and sound designer. This will be a profit sharing position. Please comment or message me if you are interested or know someone who is. Game idea, what your job will be, and everything else will be discussed once interested. I also would like to see samples of previous work. If you do not have any previous work, just send me a sample. Thanks everyone and have a nice day. I look forward to working with you.


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    A little tip, post info about yourself and what you've done. People with talent want to know they are answering someone who has talent themselves.
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    Ok. So about me. I have been learning GS from months now and am really familiar with it. I live in the US and have a passion for making a great game. My team consists of me, myself, and I. I currently do not have any full games to sample because I'm the only one on my team. If anything, I have a small history project game to sample but the artwork is not professional since it was made by me ;). I want to expand my company and have a team to make an original game and hopefully make it a hit. By myself, I cannot do anything and cannot even have any samples to show off my talent, since I need good artwork and sound. I need artwork and sound designers to make my dream become a reality. FYI: I have 3 artwork designers 2 sound designers interested. Anyone else who is still interested has 2 weeks (until December 23) to apply. On that day I will decide amongst all who have applied. If anyone has questions for me or is interested please message me or comment on this thread. Thanks.
  • If anyone is still interested, I still need a sound designer :)
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    Are you still looking for sound guys? I'd like to help out if you need it.

    I've got only minimal experience implementing audio, but I've got about 4 years experience designing sound for film/TV/animation.

    2012 Sound design demo reel:
    2012 Composition demo reel:
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